Are you an ower or creative director at an ad agency? A web studio?

If so, you’ve probably used or wished you had access to an experienced freelance copywriter. Perhaps you’re seeking one right now.

But not all freelance copywriters as built alike….some lack length of experience, or bredth and diversity of abilities, or simply don’t know how to fit into your culture, let alone take a meeting with your clients. And very few wear a stylish beret.

As a copywriter with over 15 years of experience, I’ve worked with: Ottawa’s top three agencies and web studios, served as content and web development consultant with the Candian Government, and also worked with my own clients. My areas of exprience include:

Writing full print collateral and web content for software and hardware companies

Writing SEO campaings including SEO content, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns for automated sales funnels–even PPC campaigns for for Wall Street firms

PR including case studies, press releases, white papers, articles and more.

Agencies and Studios have used me on projects for $3 Billion Dollar tech giants like Alcatal, and Bell Canada, to shopping centres like St Laurent Centre, to realestate developers like Domecile and consultants have used me to co-write venture capital winning business plans.

I like the diversity–and so do my agency clients…and work well independelty or as part of your team…including designers, account managers, and even triple espresso sipping coders, and well you know it takes talent to talk to them any time of day…:)

So if the idea of having a seasoned pro who doesn’t require much hand holding or supervision, waiting in the wings to¬† help you deal with overload, vactions, special projects, or t just grow your team, appeals to you, don’t just leave it “idea land!’

Let’s connect now and see if we’re a good fit…that way if something comes up, we can move on it fast.

My past and presnet client feel I deliver great value–why they keep me around for years….and years…Perhaps you’ll be next.

Click here to connect. I would love to show you my awesome book, and walk you through my CV/Bio and list of accomplishments.